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Our Work

The Mariposa County Sheriff’s Foundation is established to provide a mechanism for others to contribute equipment, training, education and aid for the Mariposa County Sheriff’s Office, employees, their families, prospective employees, and for community support. This includes our new partnership with the Mariposa County Animal Control Office.

What’s the purpose of the Mariposa County Animal Control?

The Mariposa County Animal Services Office is dedicated to safeguarding the health,safety, and welfare of both animals and residents in our community. This is achieved through the enforcement of state and local laws, offering compassionate care to every animal irrespective of its disposition or state, and minimizing the influx of animals into our County shelter. Their efforts extend to providing refuge for homeless, abandoned, and lost animals, facilitating adoptions into loving homes, and delivering education and support services to enrich the lives of both people and their animal companions, fostering a stronger human-animal bond.

At Mariposa County Animal Control, they engage with hundreds of pets and their owners
annually, striving to ensure the well-being of both the community and their furry companions. Through promoting available resources, education, and programs, they aim to foster a happy and healthy environment for pets and their owners. Encouraging pet owners to have their pets vaccinated for rabies, licensed, and spayed/neutered is just the beginning of their efforts. Their ultimate goal is to provide the necessary support to keep pets safe and ensure the comfort and care of the animals in our shelter. Given the prevalence of stray and neglected animals in our county, prioritizing their health and safety will contribute to reducing the annual euthanasia rate.

How can we help?

Mariposa County Animal Control needs our support and additional funds to help get these adoptable animals vaccinated, spayed and neutered before they can be placed in a new home.

You can donate to MCSF to specifically benefit these animals today!

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