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Our Members

Thank You

The membership of the Mariposa County Sheriff's Foundation is crucial to our success.  Membership revenue is a key source for our ability to assist the Sheriff's Office in their mission, and in broadening their relationship with our beautiful community.  If you've not had the opportunity to become a member yet, we encourage you to reach out to us.

Meet our Members



1850 Restaurant & Brewing Co

Frank Rose

Happy Goat

Pioneer Market

Rebecca Hatcher, Realtor

Tri-County Pump & Well

Sierra Forestry Consulting, LLC



Bailey, Bill

Hill, Evan

Marsh, Eddie & Jeannine

Richards, Claude (Pelk)

Vereschagin, Jim & Erin

Westfall, Richard



Happy Burger Diner



Allen, Jim

Bondshu Family

Briese, Jeremy

Chase, Ira

Greninger, Beau

Kahl & Finnegan, Bruce & Brian

Swartz, Jason

Walters, Ray

Watanakeeree, Karen

Willey, Ron



All Creatures Veterinary- Dr. Wise

Blew, Bryan

Coico & Meakim, Patrick & Christina

Dolce Vita Ranch & Cattle Co.

Dorato, Danny & Pat

Goulet, Dan & Stephenie

Foster Ace Hardware

Herman, Mitch & Karen

Hurst, Ada

Johnson, Chris

Lambert, Shane

Law, Lori

Law, Shelley

Little, Mike & Bonnie

Mariposa Family Chiropractic

Mariposa Feed & Supply

McKay, Bill

McLean, Colleen & Mike

Moore, Brian D

Preston, Maddie 

Scharper, Matt & Tamara

Segale & Liskey, Jessica & Billy

Theodore, Mary Darlene

Weihe, Eric & Sue

Wight, Pat & Steve



Boze, Cathi

Cole, Rhonda

Gaines, Sallee

Giordano, Etienne & Chelli

Goulet, Carol

Hart, Codie & Kathy

Huffman, Judith

Lee, Michael & Laura

Shelton, Kevin & Carla

Strosnider, Deborah and Ken

Verdugo, Karen

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