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Board of Directors

of the Mariposa County Sheriff's Foundation 

The Board currently consists of eleven community members. The Sheriff asked several community members that he felt had applicable education or experience if they would be willing to volunteer to develop a similar foundation to that which has been successful in other counties.  All of those who agreed to help are members of the community, all from different backgrounds.  All Board Members are volunteers. 

Meet our Volunteer Board of Directors 
Codie Hart, President
Karen Verdugo, Treasurer
Rebecca Hatcher

Bill Bondshu
Ed Marsh
Brandon Hatcher, Vice President
Lori Law, Secretary 
Kevin Shelton

Pat Wight
Hanna Wackerman
Lou Cordero


Message to the Board

Thanks for submitting!

You are very welcome to attend MCSF Board Meetings. The Board typically meets the first Monday of each month, usually at the Sheriff's Office, but occasionally in our office next door to the Sheriff's Dispatch location. If you wish to address the Board, we encourage you to use the form at left to tell us what day you'd like to come, and what it is you wish to discuss, so that we can put you on our agenda. The Board cannot vote on items that do not appear on the agenda. It may also be to your advantage to confirm our meeting location for the day you wish to speak. You may also use the form at left to ask a question, or to leave a comment. Alternatively, you may wish to email us at the address below.
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